Weights of Ingredients and Other Kitchen Stuff


Item Weight
Stand Mixer Work Bowl 1056g
Small Mixing Bowl 284g
2 Cup Pyrex Measure 586g
Medium Mixing Bowl 401g
Springform Pan (all) 215g
Large Mixing Bowl 593g
Springform Pan (base) 71g
XL Mixing Bowl 593g
Large, Deep Cast Iron Skillet 3600g
White Plastic Mixing Bowl 77g
Large Cast Iron Skillet 3494g
Small Cast Iron Skillet 1444g
9x9 Square Glass Bakeware
9x13 Glass Bakeware


Item Amount Weight
Butter (1 Stick) ½ Cup 113g
Shortening 1 Cup 205g
EVOO ¼ Cup 54g
Peanut Oil ¼ Cup 56g

Sugar and Other Sweet Stuff

Item Amount Weight
White Sugar 1 Cup 201g
Brown Sugar 1 Cup 213g
Powdered Sugar 1 Cup 125g
Light Corn Syrup 1 Cup 324g
Maple Syrup 1/3 Cup 113g
Molasses 1 Cup 345g
Honey 1 Cup 340g
Peanut Butter 1 Cup 250g
Nutella 2 Tbsp 37g
Cocoa Powder 1 Cup 118g

Flour and Grains

Item Amount Weight
All Purpose Flour 1 Cup 125g
Bread Flour 1 Cup 127g
Wheat Flour 1 Cup 120g
Masa Harina 1 Cup 124g
Masarepa 1 Cup 200g
Long Grain White Rice 1 Cup 185g


Item Amount Weight
Water 1 Cup 240g

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