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2024 Cyclocross Schedule

Number Week Day Date Eventt Location
Tune Up 1 Saturday 08-24 Devo Cross Indianapolis, IN
Tune Up 2 Sunday 09-01 Lionhearts CX Cincinnati, OH
1 Sunday 09-08 CarterCX Cincinnati, OH
2 Sunday 09-15 Brookside Cup Indianapolis, IN
3 Saturday 09-21 Boiler Cross West Lafayette, IN
4 Sunday 09-29 Harbin Park Fairfield, OH
5 Saturday 10-12 Major Taylor Cross Cup (+UCI) Indianapolis, IN
6 Sunday 10-13 Major Taylor Cross Cup (+UCI) Indianapolis, IN
7 Saturday 10-19 Kings CX (+UCI) Cincinnati, OH
8 Saturday/Sunday 10-20 Kings CX (+UCI) Cincinnati, OH
9 Saturday 11-02 Treason Cross Seymour, IN
10 Sunday 11-10 Harvest CX Indianapolis, IN
11 Sunday 12-08 Cyclocross Resurrection Louisville, KY

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