Cincinnati Venues with Internet Access for Patrons

This details locations where WiFi with Internet access is offered at places that have some measure of being a “Third Place”–some place hanging out with a laptop would not be frowned upon, provided you are a a customer (having a coffee or beer), and not being too much a nusence (not nursing that coffee or beer when the table space may be needed). The individual site may require some password, agreement to terms, etc. At present, this is not documented, but the list will expand to include this at a later date.

Note that this simply notes the official availability of this service. It does not, in general, attempt to provide insight to the quality of the service (speed, stability, etc.), or the security of the site.

There are some places I intend to check on my own. These are left blank.

Columbia Tusculum/Mount Lookout/Hyde Park

Venue WiFi Internet Access Notes
Starbucks–Columbia Parkway Yes  
Bandito No  
Day Lily Yes  
Streetside Yes  
Local Post Yes  
Fulton Yard Yes  
Hi Mark  
Lookout Joe’s  
Bruegger's Bagels--Columbia Square Yes ...assuming you can catch them when they're open!


Venue WiFi Internet Access Notes
Starbucks–580 Building Yes  
Main Library Yes  
Fountain Square Yes  
Banks Yes  
Smale Riverfront Park Yes  
Washington Park Yes  
Coffee Emporium Yes  
Paris Baguette Yes  
Deeper Roots Yes  
Ingredients (Westin) Yes  
On the Rhine Eatery Yes "Downtown Kroger"
Coffia Coffee Yes  
Urbana Cafe (Atlas Building) Yes Port 22 Seems Blocked
Red Tree (OTR) Yes  


Venue WiFi Internet Access Notes
Mac’s on the Pike  
Listermann Yes Port 22 Blocked
Elements Eatery Yes  
Braxton (Covington) Yes  
The Fix (Walnut Hills) Yes  
The Gatherall (Factory 52) Yes  



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